Matthew Glasson: Acting & Music

is something I've always enjoyed as a "hobby" but I had to take it a bit more seriously when I agreed to play the lead role in "Love Stalker." I have no reel at present, so I'm including the trailer for "Love Stalker" below as well as some other pieces I've appeared in.

As a musician,
I perform as a singer/songwriter/guitarist. I also play one hell of a mean Jew's harp. In 1998, I moved to New York City along with Danny Rockett to start a musical project that became the rock group known as God The Band. For five years, we played clubs in NYC, Philadelphia, DC and Boston, recorded several albums, and even had our music performed by Katee Sackhoff and Isaac Hayes on the short-lived CBS drama "The Education of Max Bickford" with Richard Dreyfuss. Alas, by the end of a particularly arduous tour in 2002, God "re-ascended torwads heaven" as all of the boys went on their separate ways. Our swan song (pun intended) turned out to be the music video for our song "General Queer." The video was something I conceived and shot while we were driving our van between gigs on our final tour of '02. While bittersweet in some ways, making this video definitely gave me the momentum to throw myself back into film and video production full-time and I've been there ever since.

General Queer by God The Band

The Lifter by God The Band

recent video of me performing at an open mic night