Matthew Glasson: Editor

Matt Glasson's Editing & Motion Graphics Reel from Vimeo.

From Final Cut Pro to Avid to Premiere,
I have an extensive history with all of the major editing platforms in addition to motion graphics experience with After Effects. My career as a video editor and colorist spans across a wide array of media including feature film, documentary, television promos and music videos.

Ever since I first begain making home videos as a kid,
editing was my favorite part. It was where all the pieces came together and the real story could emerge. To me, editing is the most rewarding process of filmmaking because of those magical moments when you start to finally see the pieces fit together in new and exciting ways that you didn't always expect. I am convinced that part of my passion with editing specifically lies in my experience as a musician. The notion of musically phrasing a scene or allowing a natural rhythm in a scene to emerge is one of the more joyous aspects of the craft for me. Filmmaking is often said to be the culmination of a myriad of different art forms; editing is the culmination of all of those forms in the filmmaking. I love editing.


Bermuda Classic Experience from Moonshine Media on Vimeo.

Polymorph 2: Lava Man from John Bonafede on Vimeo.

A Poet's Guide To The Bars - Book Trailer

Diary of the Cannes Film Festival - Film Trailer

Blues By The Beach (2004) - Film Trailer

" Sex World" Compilation Trailer from Evotum on Vimeo.

This one has a good "long story" attached to it. But cutting a "web-friendly" trailer from a selection of '70s adult films was definitely one of my stranger challenges.