Matthew Glasson: Filmmaker

My knowledge of editing and shooting all stems back to a basic love of film, and, by extension, a desire to make movies. This drive has forced me to learn a lot of the basic tools of the trade, which has translated into a life's worth of experience. As a producer and director, I have had to find the balance between my artistic impulses as a director and the practical logistics of realizing them as a producer. As an editor, my musical background has shaped my awareness of rhythm and phrasing in the editing process and has no doubt influenced my work as a director of music videos.

Most recently, I got to wear multiple hats...
... as producer/editor/colorits/voice-over on the stop-motion animated short film, Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (2012) directed by Wes Simpkins. It is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit. Please contact me if you're interested in seeing the finished film, but below is a sixty-second teaser which will give you a taste of the bizarre world created in the film.

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (Teaser, 2012)

IN 2011...
I completed my debut feauture film "Love Stalker" and it went on to successfully play several film festivals, winning an award for "Best Microbudget Feature Film" at the Greenpoint Film Festival in 2012. Recently, Love Stalker was picked up by Comcast for their "On Demand" service through cable as well as Amazon Video On Demand. Check out to learn more about the film including more options on ways you can view it.

Love Stalker Trailer #1 from Matthew Glasson on Vimeo.

Below are several short films that I directed and/or wrote over the years...

HARD TIMES (Short, 2012) from Matthew Glasson on Vimeo.

The Last Westie (Short, 2010) from Matthew Glasson on Vimeo.

the in-between from Matthew Glasson on Vimeo.

Carrot Juice (2004)

The Family Tie (1998)
...started as a way to make something short and quick but ended up becoming an all-consuming passion for me as a filmmaker. The film is not available to view online at the present time, but you can watch the teaser and trailer and read more about the film and its sordid history.