The Family Tie
A very bloody featurette by Matthew Glasson


Matthew Glasson, director/writer/producer:
Born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Mt. Prospect, IL, Matthew Glasson began allocating his energies at an early age as a performer, writer and filmmaker. He went on to attend film school at Columbia College in Chicago before moving to New York City to start a rock group called "God The Band." During this time, he kept his filmmaking chops fresh by directing and producing music videos for the band and developing other short films. THE FAMILY TIE is his second video featurette, his first being THE PUBIC MUFFIN--an homage to the surreal work of Salvador Dali and Luis Bunel. He currently lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where he works as an editor and filmmaker.

Scott Greene, actor/writer/producer:
Scott Greene was fortunate to meet Mr. Glasson at a young age, who terrorized him with tales of a beloved movie character being viciously slaughtered. In late adolescence, Greene ingratiated himself with Glasson and his family by providing a top-of-the-line VHS camcorder, which he encouraged Glasson to use whenever the desire arose. The two made many short videos together, from comedies to documentaries, with Glasson often calling the shots and Greene usually acquiescing to his every demand. Greene's "friendship" is the lynchpin in his plan to piggyback on Glasson's success, thereby ensuring his own international fame and fortune. Additionally, Greene has performed in a number of different venues, including a comedy improv show at the Playground theater in Chicago. He also participates in an independently run screenwriting group, which enables him to steal the ideas of others and pass them off as his own. His influences include David Mamet, Shane Black, Joss Whedon, Nora Ephron and the late, great Douglas Adams.

Phil Anzelmo, actor/submarine sandwich:
Without any acting experience, Matthew Glasson chose Phil Anzelmo to take on the lead role of the troubled hero, and indeed it was quite a journey for him to learn the job by completely immersing himself in the role. But Anzelmo wanted something “to show my grandkids” when and if he were to have any grandkids (as of this writing, he does not). Anzelmo continues to live and work in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago in Palatine and Arlington Heights.

Brian Bowls MacLean, Assistant Director:
Bowls MacLean met Glasson and Greene while at Columbia College in Chicago. Both he and Glasson collaborated on several film projects during and after their college education, the last of which was THE FAMILY TIE. Bowls has since returned to his hometown of St. Louis to work in the video and film industries. He is currently developing his first feature film.