The Family Tie
A very bloody featurette by Matthew Glasson


THE FAMILY TIE is a blood-drenched romp in the heart of America's northwest suburbs of Chicago. It is a tale of revenge injected with high doses of outrageous violence and pitch black comedy. A young man (Dave) is living a “normal” family life until he realizes that his idyllic suburban existence was built upon his father’s (George Buglasias) illegal business of smuggling guns for crime families in the city of Chicago. The family’s fortunes turn for the worse when the father’s psychotic business partner (John) threatens to turn him over to the police. The father abandons his family when they needed him most, but in a plot to steal the family’s money, the villainous John murders Dave's mother. With his family destroyed, Dave vows to kill the man who ruined his life and will stop at nothing to quench his thirst for revenge. He undergoes an intense training as he prepairs himself to avenge his family and becomes a creature of feral instinct as a violent rage consumes his body and mind. But exacting revenge is never quite so simple, and Dave’s relentless drive to mete out justice comes at a high price.

THE FAMILY TIE is an offbeat take on the familiar premise of the "revenge film." It is brimming with quirky characters and rich dialogue, but it also delivers some of the most outrageous and outlandish death scenes ever filmed. So if you're squeamish or prone to feinting, this movie is not for you! Made on a shoe-string budget and shot in glorious Hi-8 video, THE FAMILY TIE is a brutally visceral thrill ride that takes no prisoners and leaves no survivors.

You have been warned...